LEAP Students Creations for YouthMADE Festival

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Yosua Gavrila is one of many excellent  STEP OUT students in LEAP. He recently joined LEAP when LEAP migrated to an online class in the last 2020. Now, he is in STEP OUT 2A level. It’s an intermediate level in which all English skills are trained more complex than before and require the students to explore more ideas.

Yosua has shown significant improvement in developing his English skills. He is also more fluent in confidently sharing his opinions about a certain topic in the class discussion. His writing skill is one of his English skills that has developed significantly. It’s shown in his writing about Descriptive Text entitled “My Classroom”. He described his classroom in a detailed explanation. He might face some challenges in developing and organizing his ideas. Even though he has grammatical errors and minor disorganization ideas, he could revise them and produce a well-organized composition.



Kiara Kanaya Aura Sakinah is one of those who are impressive in the class. She joined LEAP when she was at GOGO Level. It’s the basic level in LEAP. Now, she is in STEP OUT 2A level. It’s an intermediate level. She also becomes one of some successful students who get a scholarship in LEAP.

She had good English skills when she was little. That’s why she can acquire new materials and develop them well. She has a cheerful vibe and is more confident in sharing her ideas about a particular topic. One of her English skills she should be proud of is writing skill. She comes up with complex ideas in her composition. Of course, she also faced some challenges in organizing her ideas. So, it makes her get grammatical errors in her composition revision. However, she can successfully revise and produce her excellent composition.



Eric Aprilio Tanaga is one of those who are really outstanding in the class. This 15-year-old boy first joined in LEAP when he was 11 and admitted to STEP OUT 3A, the final stage of the intermediate level. Now, he is in WINNER 3B, transforms to be an advanced student, and almost graduate!

Eric has been studying in LEAP for around 4 years and always been showing a remarkable performance in every single classroom activity. His skill in essay writing is one of things he should be proud of. He always came up with insightful ideas. Though he sometimes needed to revise his essay due to either some grammatical errors or disorganization of the ideas, he ended up producing a good and well-organized essay. He once said, “It’s one of the enjoyable things about LEAP, I must say. The way that we make the essay is very straightforward, easy to follow once again, and you can make good ones without a lot of hassle. I think I have a lot of very fond memories about essay writing, and it’s been one of the activities in LEAP that I like very much. Even to this day, 4 years after I first got to know about it.”


Nabila Damayanti Putri Anandi is one of many students who have successfully graduated from LEAP. Nabila first joined in LEAP when she was a little, admitted to GOGO 1A – the early stage of the basic level, and completed all the programs in April 2021.

During the years of her study in LEAP, she has shown a very significant progress and become a fluent English speaker. She also has developed her skill in essay writing exceptionally. One of her marvelous works is the argumentative essay under the topic of “reopening schools during the Covid-19 pandemic” that she wrote during the TOEFL Preparation Class conducted in July-September 2020. She, along with all students in this class, put her best effort to accomplish the essay despite a quite challenging situation of pandemic Covid-19 in which the whole classroom interaction was done virtually. She might need to revise and elaborate her ideas in details towards the topic, but at the end, she has successfully conveyed her arguments clearly in her essay!


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LEAP Students Creations for YouthMADE Festival
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