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Who’s winning? The Battle between Educators and AI

A reflection of today’s fast-moving tech in education

By Ika Yadin

The first week of the new semester has just started. Teachers are on the way to deliver lessons using whatever application that they have just trained to. They are expected to understand, master and be able to use it in such an efficient way for students’ engagement.

They are on fire to start with.

You see, there was a promise that this new application would lift up a lot of burden from the teachers’ side. Repetitive, boring, monotonous work will be long gone, replaced by AI. Instead, teacher can focus more on delivering meaningful lessons, attributing to better learning impact and outcome.

Things go smooth. Students are enjoying their time learning. Some say that they feel the continuous support in learning as they are progressing with their tasks. Others says they value the freedom to do things at their own pace.

There are some moments of relief. Teachers regain their balance in life and work. They think they have more time to do more profound things, till they start to question their role. It felt that the learning process has been taken away from them. Does this mean, AI triumph?

Side-to-side : Teacher and Technology as Part of the Education Process
Side-to-side : Teacher and Technology as Part of the Education Process

Pause, think, revisit (don’t forget to take a deep breath, too)

Reimagining education in this fast-moving technology is surely a challenge in itself. As a teacher, we need to rethink how to better spend our time and resource. Getting feedback and data from the AI system is one thing, but using that information to benefit of your students is surely another level

This is surely going to be a long journey ahead of this and that. Focus on something that really matters which AI is lacking of. Things such as building strong character in your students (grit, perseverance, growth mindset), nurturing creativity and problem solving skill, empowering collaboration, and so on. There is surely a humanly side of us that connects better to other human being compared to AI.

After all, there is no winning or losing. We all just learn to keep going. In that case, giving up, will then is considered losing.


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